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Competition is Killing Us, and Innovation is as Important as Ever

Throughout history, humans have been in a state of competition and innovation.
Competition has forced us to innovate, and those of us that could innovate survived to compete another day. However, times have changed and innovation is no longer about driving competition, at least not with online content. Competition is killing us, but it doesn’t have to be.

The average internet user spends at least 5 hours a day online. On the other hand, they only spend a few minutes if not seconds consuming information before moving onto the next website. In the interest of capturing market share, we have more to gain working with like-minded content creators.


photo credit: Incase. via photopin cc

Innovation today encourages content producers to band together into somewhat of a collective. We promote each other’s content and share it as if it were our own. Working together allows us to cultivate innovations, and innovation is as important as ever.

Competition is killing us; it breaks apart communities. Don’t think of breaking into the internet game as a “me versus the world” kind of deal; we’re here to work together.

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