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The Best Fucking Advice to Grow Web Traffic

You get what you give.


photo credit: jairoagua via photopin cc

Everyone is looking for the easiest way to grow web traffic. However, there’s no such thing as web traffic without effort.

Instead of looking through the hundreds of guides with “surefire” ways to gain traffic, start providing value. If you want to increase the traffic you receive, you have to increase the traffic you give. But how do you provide traffic if you don’t have any? Give value (services) to receive value (traffic).

To me that sounds ass backwards, but it’s spot on. A lot of us are taught that someone should do something for us before we do something for them. Not to say that that doesn’t happen, but it’s not ideal. Seek to work with similar sized organizations, blogs, business, or whatever to build communal traffic. However, don’t expect an immediate return.

If you’re just starting out, look for someone similar that’s not too far ahead of you and network. Get to know them and offer your help, because chances are they will help you in return. Once you start growing, remain open to working with newbies because everyone needs to start somewhere.

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