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Consider a Niche Before Building Your Brand

The hardest part of trying to grow Mdntstartup is that I never considered what niche I wanted to be a part. Don’t do what I did and dive in with the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. To be honest I think I spent more time trying to come up with a name, and even now I’m not even sure I like it. However, that’s a different post (or at least it should be). Consider doing yourself a favor and take my advice:

Plone Conference 2009 Group Photo

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Before anything, consider a niche and get involved in that community. Getting involved before you attempt to build your brand will make everything that much easier. This is because your niche will literally tell you when you get involved (albeit indirectly) what they want. So instead of manufacturing a need, you’ll be filling an existing one.

Save yourself the headaches and days of writer’s block. Look for the need and work to fulfill it. Consider a niche before building your brand; your content will be more consistent and easier to produce.

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How to Find Your Niche



photo credit: etringita via photopin cc

Having trouble finding a niche? You’re not alone. Determining how to find your niche is a battle every blogger fights, and it could be fought easier.

When Mdntstartup was introduced, I had no idea what niche I wanted to relate; I started blogging and hoped someone would read it. This went on for about a month until I stumbled upon a book by Seth Godin called, Purple Cow.

Here’s what I learned.

How to find your niche is determined by what you are offering and what your purple cow is. A purple cow answers the following question: What sets you apart from the competition?

In regards to Mdntstartup, minimalism was built in from the beginning with the URL, so I decided to embrace that by writing short, powerful content that answered questions and posed new ones. My niche is freedom seekers, and I provide the information needed.

What’s your niche?