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How to Find Your Niche



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Having trouble finding a niche? You’re not alone. Determining how to find your niche is a battle every blogger fights, and it could be fought easier.

When Mdntstartup was introduced, I had no idea what niche I wanted to relate; I started blogging and hoped someone would read it. This went on for about a month until I stumbled upon a book by Seth Godin called, Purple Cow.

Here’s what I learned.

How to find your niche is determined by what you are offering and what your purple cow is. A purple cow answers the following question: What sets you apart from the competition?

In regards to Mdntstartup, minimalism was built in from the beginning with the URL, so I decided to embrace that by writing short, powerful content that answered questions and posed new ones. My niche is freedom seekers, and I provide the information needed.

What’s your niche?

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How to Write Exciting Content


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Stop repeating information.

The easiest way how to write exciting content is to be new. New content is exciting. The internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of how to guides and tips that never change.

It’s a trap! Every post you read about how to write exciting content is a trap. They want you to mimic their content because they own that search traffic, and breaking into those keywords is near impossible. You’re being sold this lie that cookie-cutter content draws in traffic.

When writing content it is important to consider how SEO works, but it’s not the end all be all. Blogging is about making connections with other users.

Write exciting content that stimulates conversation and encourages feedback; get involved in the community and comment. Comment on everything.



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Inspiration to Start Your Blog

Before starting Mdntstartup, I’d spend hours stumbling through websites and looking for the inspiration to start my blog. Although, nothing I had read made starting a blog any easier.

Chances are, that’s how you found this post.

However, I’m not going to bore you with the same information that I’ve read; this is the last post you need to read.

Stop putting off starting your blog. Jump in feet first and start learning, because no one has ever started at the top; I know you can do it, and so do you.

Why haven’t you started yet?

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Content Creation Secrets for Bloggers


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Finding inspiration for producing content is the most difficult part of blogging. More often than not, I sit in front of my laptop and stare at a blank screen until something inspires me. However, I now have a little secret.

What is my secret to content creation?

I keep a running list of inspirations and ideas. My list is the physical map to my content creation; it allows for instant inspiration, and it’s a mind dump for ideas to intermingle! Whenever I’m stumbling, i jot down notes and opinions to use later for my content.

So the next time you’re browsing the net, keep a running list of ideas and consider these tips for content creation.

What inspires you?


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The Fastest Way to Get Rich for Teenagers


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To be honest, I wish I knew this information before I went to college because I could have been closer to retirement . Becoming rich doesn’t require working at a high-paying job that you hate. Instead of falling victim to the national average of $30,000 in college debt, start working and save up that glorious green.

The fastest way to get rich as a teen is to start saving. College isn’t in the cards for everyone, and it is expensive. If you’re one of the many unlucky people that has to pay for your college education, you might be better off skipping the debt and earning money at a job.

How have you planned for the future?

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Eric Schiffer Fights for Survival


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Eric Schiffer, leading expert in digital marketing and CEO of, wrote an article earlier today about 4 lessons used to win the fight in business and life. Here’s what I have learned from his article:

1. Business is brutal; embrace your fears. Befriending your fear allows you to tackle the challenge with a clear head.

2. Strength can only take you so far; win with strategy.Unlikely odds can be defeated by strategy. It’s important to remember that because you’re small, you can change and adapt faster than a larger entity.

3. Never give up; stay in the fight. When things aren’t looking to be in your favor, don’t abandon ship. The most important thing I learned from this point was, you’ll never win if you give up.

4. Limits are psychological; battle against your limits. No one is holding you back but you. This couldn’t be any truer; there has often been times when I thought I couldn’t go any longer to find out that I had more to give than I thought.

How are you a fighter?

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5 Tips for Lazy Bloggers



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Blogging has come a long way since the latter half of the 1990s.

Content creation, promotion, and interaction are time-consuming and necessary to running a successful website. The large amount of time needed is the most difficult aspect of running a blog.

5 tips for lazy bloggers:


1. Schedule Time to Create and Release Content

When you’re not so lazy, write a few articles and schedule them to release on later dates.

2. Keep a List of Ideas

Keeping a list helps you write faster; you’ll spend less time thinking.

3. Work on Multiple Pieces

Stuck on an article that isn’t time-sensitive? Skip it and work on something else.

4. Lower the Frequency of Your Posts

When in doubt, embrace the lazy. Instead of 3 posts a week, offer one solid post a week.

5. Outsource

For those of us adverse to working, hire someone else to do it!


How do you work less?