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Getting Back on Track and Kicking Ass with Writer’s Block

Five days straight of sitting at a white screen with no motivation is horrifying. Over the past few days I’ve been drawing a blank; I’d look at my article list, and see nothing. Dozens of titles and post ideas reduced to nothing at a glance. All the planning in the world can’t account for the horrors of writer’s block.

Even now, it’s difficult for me to arrange this post because I’m not entirely sure what it should say. I’m not afraid of what anyone will think; I’m afraid I won’t be able to make anyone think. However, to me this is getting back on track and kicking ass.


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I’m not going to give you a surefire list of steps to obsess over and scrutinize, because getting back on track and kicking ass is different for everyone. I’m a lazy person, and this is how I know to compensate for my shortcoming; I jump in feet first. There’s no other way around writer’s block than writing.

Getting back on track and kicking ass is writing helpful content when you have writer’s block. This is my middle finger to writer’s block.

I’m interested in knowing how you get back on track and overcome writer’s block, leave me a comment below and feel free to share this post with your friends.

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Inspiration to Start Your Blog

Before starting Mdntstartup, I’d spend hours stumbling through websites and looking for the inspiration to start my blog. Although, nothing I had read made starting a blog any easier.

Chances are, that’s how you found this post.

However, I’m not going to bore you with the same information that I’ve read; this is the last post you need to read.

Stop putting off starting your blog. Jump in feet first and start learning, because no one has ever started at the top; I know you can do it, and so do you.

Why haven’t you started yet?

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Eric Schiffer Fights for Survival


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Eric Schiffer, leading expert in digital marketing and CEO of, wrote an article earlier today about 4 lessons used to win the fight in business and life. Here’s what I have learned from his article:

1. Business is brutal; embrace your fears. Befriending your fear allows you to tackle the challenge with a clear head.

2. Strength can only take you so far; win with strategy.Unlikely odds can be defeated by strategy. It’s important to remember that because you’re small, you can change and adapt faster than a larger entity.

3. Never give up; stay in the fight. When things aren’t looking to be in your favor, don’t abandon ship. The most important thing I learned from this point was, you’ll never win if you give up.

4. Limits are psychological; battle against your limits. No one is holding you back but you. This couldn’t be any truer; there has often been times when I thought I couldn’t go any longer to find out that I had more to give than I thought.

How are you a fighter?


Failing Until You Succeed – Seth Godin

After writing my post about embracing failure, I came across this video by Behind the Brand. Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, author, marketer, and public speaker. In this video he expresses his views on today’s job culture, how we treat failure and challenging the status quo.

“If I fail more than you do, I win” – Seth Godin


Number 1 Tip for Finding Your Passion

Passion. It’s everywhere you turn, and it’s mocking you. I find it difficult to find a blogger or website that isn’t toting passion as your answer to achieving success. However, it’s not that easy to be passionate about something that you can use to earn a living. Similarly, it can difficult to define your passions So, whats the number 1 tip for finding your passion?

The number 1 tip for finding your passion is to get mad.

 Write down a list of things that drive you nuts. The more personal, the better. Now look at your list and determine the root causes of each item.

Anger is the best way to determine what you’re passionate about. Why? Because the things making you mad are preventing you from experiencing the things you have passion for.

Daniel Sinker pissed me off with his article on Lego: Here’s what I thought about it.

What are you mad about?


How to Blog Effectively


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Blogging is possibly the easiest thing to get into; it only requires as much work as you are willing to provide. If you don’t own a blog already, I would recommend starting one soon. However, there are a few things to take with caution. Bloggers that claim to know it all are only driving traffic, and some even offer insight into the “science” of blogging. However, these bloggers have removed what I refer to as the Human Element and their blogs suck.

The Human Element is what makes blogging interesting; It’s your passion. It provides a face to the content, and a voice that is easily recognized. Bloggers that ignore this Human Element aren’t in it for the genuine experience of connecting with readers; at least not anymore. These bloggers have succumbed to the grind; they are only in it for the money. Their blog is a paycheck guided by parameters and “proven” methods. They will tempt you with “tricks”, but only offer a vague solution that requires greater action.

Don’t fall for their trap; they would sell you the shirt off your back if they could.

Readers don’t want to read spam. Effective blogging is human. It can be measured by statistics; however those shouldn’t be the force behind your posts. Produce content that connects with readers and stimulates thought. The blogosphere is filled with enough mindless content drilling for oil. Effective posts will stand the test of time, draw in readers, and provide stability.

How to blog effectively comes down to the person behind the keyboard. Find something that you’re passionate about. Question the status quo and invoke thought into your readers. Avoid becoming another zombie.

How do you blog?

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Quit Your Job for One Reason


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Your boss doesn’t care about you. He or she might throw you the occasional bone, but only to keep you under control. Without you, your boss is nothing. Quit your job because you’ll never make as much money as your boss, you’ll let life pass by, and you’ll never be successful there.

Your boss is limiting your potential for his or her gain. You show up to work everyday, but for what? You show up to work on someone’s dream while neglecting your own. Stop putting your desires aside and start achieving your goals. Forget your boss. Why should you work to make him money? Get creative and work for yourself.

Life is happening all around you. Working for someone else is causing you to pass up on opportunities. Sure, you might feel “comfortable”, but nothing comes from comfort. Leave your comfort zone, and strike out on your own. Grab those opportunities by the balls and make them scream for mercy. Actively search for beneficial experiences. Your current job is a dead-end.

Do you want to be successful? Padded bank accounts and timeshares don’t mean anything if you can’t enjoy them. Stop wasting your time on the boss’ vision when it doesn’t fit yours. Blaze your own trail. Take risks, and reap the rewards. America didn’t land on the moon by waiting for Russia. Steve Jobs didn’t form Apple by waiting for IBM. Carve success from the bones of your passion.

Quit your job. Quit for you.