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Break This Rule and Produce Awesome Content

Breaking rules is the easiest way to gain some attention and produce awesome content. Here’s the rule you should break, and how you should produce awesome content:


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Stop publishing daily content

Most articles that I’ve read about producing awesome content emphasize releasing content daily, or in regular intervals as the number one rule to follow; that’s great if you can consistently release awesome content, but too many people are afraid to deviate from this rule. This leads to massive piles of shit content because so-and-so is dedicated to posting new content everyday.

Cultivate ideas

Think of producing awesome content like building a city; you’ll attract more people with quality buildings than you would with hundreds of cardboard houses that were slapped together.

Focus on fewer ideas or less content that can be fleshed out. Let ideas flourish and grow before publishing them.

Release content when it’s done

After taking the time to cultivate content, go back and build on¬†those ideas. Flesh out your ideas until you’re proud to put your name on them. Don’t be afraid if this leads to posting irregularly; your readers will appreciate the awesome content enough to look past that it was few days “late”.

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The Best Fucking Advice to Grow Web Traffic

You get what you give.


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Everyone is looking for the easiest way to grow web traffic. However, there’s no such thing as web traffic without effort.

Instead of looking through the hundreds of guides with “surefire” ways to gain traffic, start providing value. If you want to increase the traffic you receive, you have to increase the traffic you give. But how do you provide traffic if you don’t have any? Give value (services) to receive value (traffic).

To me that sounds ass backwards, but it’s spot on. A lot of us are taught that someone should do something for us before we do something for them. Not to say that that doesn’t happen, but it’s not ideal. Seek to work with similar sized organizations, blogs, business, or whatever to build communal traffic. However, don’t expect an immediate return.

If you’re just starting out, look for someone similar that’s not too far ahead of you and network. Get to know them and offer your help, because chances are they will help you in return. Once you start growing, remain open to working with newbies because everyone needs to start somewhere.

Looking to guest post? Contact me¬†or leave a comment, I’ll gladly return the favor.


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Consider a Niche Before Building Your Brand

The hardest part of trying to grow Mdntstartup is that I never considered what niche I wanted to be a part. Don’t do what I did and dive in with the “if you build it, they will come” mentality. To be honest I think I spent more time trying to come up with a name, and even now I’m not even sure I like it. However, that’s a different post (or at least it should be). Consider doing yourself a favor and take my advice:

Plone Conference 2009 Group Photo

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Before anything, consider¬†a niche and get involved in that community. Getting involved before you attempt to build your brand¬†will make everything that much easier. This is because your niche will literally tell you when you get involved (albeit indirectly) what they want. So instead of manufacturing a need, you’ll be filling an existing one.

Save yourself the headaches and days of writer’s block. Look for the need and work to fulfill it. Consider a niche before building your brand; your content will be more consistent and easier to produce.

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Competition is Killing Us, and Innovation is as Important as Ever

Throughout history, humans have been in a state of competition and innovation.
Competition has forced us to innovate, and those of us that could innovate survived to compete another day. However, times have changed and innovation is no longer about driving competition, at least not with online content. Competition is killing us, but it doesn’t have to be.

The average internet user spends at least 5 hours a day online. On the other hand, they only spend a few minutes if not seconds consuming information before moving onto the next website. In the interest of capturing market share, we have more to gain working with like-minded content creators.


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Innovation today encourages content producers to band together into somewhat of a collective. We promote each other’s content and share it as if it were our own. Working together allows us to cultivate innovations, and innovation is as important as ever.

Competition is killing us; it breaks apart communities. Don’t think of breaking into the internet game as a “me versus the world” kind of deal; we’re here to work together.

I’m interested in working with you, leave a comment¬†if you’re keen to collaborate.

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Getting Back on Track and Kicking Ass with Writer’s Block

Five¬†days straight of sitting at a white¬†screen with no motivation is horrifying. Over the past few days I’ve been drawing a blank; I’d look at my article list, and see nothing. Dozens of titles and post ideas reduced to nothing at a glance. All the planning in the world can’t account for the horrors of writer’s block.

Even now, it’s difficult for me to arrange this post because I’m not entirely sure what it should say. I’m not afraid of what anyone will think; I’m afraid I won’t be able to make anyone think. However, to me this is getting back on track and kicking ass.


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I’m not going to give you a surefire list of steps to obsess over and scrutinize, because getting back on track and kicking ass is different for everyone. I’m a lazy person, and this is how I know to compensate for my shortcoming; I jump in feet first. There’s no other way around writer’s block than writing.

Getting back on track and kicking ass is writing helpful content when you have writer’s block. This is my middle finger to writer’s block.

I’m interested in knowing how you get back on track and overcome writer’s block, leave me a comment below and feel free to share this post with your friends.

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Lecture Hall Tragedy

What makes a bad teacher? 


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We’ve all experienced a bad teacher droning on while the class slowly dies. 5 minutes turn into an hour, and drool is all over your notebook and desk. Nothing is more embarrassing than waking up with papers stuck to your face. This is the lecture hall tragedy.

Everyday, students are held captive by “teachers”. They’re boring and distant. True teachers¬†encourage curiosity¬†and look to be engaging; students need to be questioned and pushed¬†to make mental connections between new ideas.

Why is it that so many teachers are bad? It’s like mediocrity is encouraged. From the time we start schooling to the time we graduate, we’re “taught” that mediocrity is okay. You don’t need to stand out; if anything, we should aspire to be like everyone else.

We should aspire to be individuals. Mediocrity isn’t enough to succeed. We should be extraordinary; we need to reject the lecture hall tragedy. Embrace defiance and curiosity; Embrace enjoyment.

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Eternal Happiness

What if producers stopped producing? What would happen to all the consumers? Would the world fall to pieces, or would we start to live?

Would producers be  focused on providing experiences?

Lots of people are learning that less is more, but what if it were thrust onto the unsuspecting?

I wonder how they would react.

Imagine living in a world where experiences are valued more than products, a world where people are valued and things are there to be used.

Would we finally be happy?