Break This Rule and Produce Awesome Content

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Breaking rules is the easiest way to gain some attention and produce awesome content. Here’s the rule you should break, and how you should produce awesome content:


photo credit: Justin in SD via photopin cc

Stop publishing daily content

Most articles that I’ve read about producing awesome content emphasize releasing content daily, or in regular intervals as the number one rule to follow; that’s great if you can consistently release awesome content, but too many people are afraid to deviate from this rule. This leads to massive piles of shit content because so-and-so is dedicated to posting new content everyday.

Cultivate ideas

Think of producing awesome content like building a city; you’ll attract more people with quality buildings than you would with hundreds of cardboard houses that were slapped together.

Focus on fewer ideas or less content that can be fleshed out. Let ideas flourish and grow before publishing them.

Release content when it’s done

After taking the time to cultivate content, go back and build on those ideas. Flesh out your ideas until you’re proud to put your name on them. Don’t be afraid if this leads to posting irregularly; your readers will appreciate the awesome content enough to look past that it was few days “late”.

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Author: Kevibee

I'm a business graduate and entrepreneur. I help run my family's construction business and manage a few websites. I'm fueled by my passion for creation and cheezits.

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