Lecture Hall Tragedy

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What makes a bad teacher? 


photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc

We’ve all experienced a bad teacher droning on while the class slowly dies. 5 minutes turn into an hour, and drool is all over your notebook and desk. Nothing is more embarrassing than waking up with papers stuck to your face. This is the lecture hall tragedy.

Everyday, students are held captive by “teachers”. They’re boring and distant. True teachers encourage curiosity and look to be engaging; students need to be questioned and pushed to make mental connections between new ideas.

Why is it that so many teachers are bad? It’s like mediocrity is encouraged. From the time we start schooling to the time we graduate, we’re “taught” that mediocrity is okay. You don’t need to stand out; if anything, we should aspire to be like everyone else.

We should aspire to be individuals. Mediocrity isn’t enough to succeed. We should be extraordinary; we need to reject the lecture hall tragedy. Embrace defiance and curiosity; Embrace enjoyment.


Author: Kevibee

I'm a business graduate and entrepreneur. I help run my family's construction business and manage a few websites. I'm fueled by my passion for creation and cheezits.

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